Friday, December 7, 2007

National Novel Writing Month (written 11/30)

I'm done. The novel is past 50,000 words, which makes it a "novel" and means I WON Nanowrimo. Well, me and lots of other folks. Rock on us!
I had the most fun of the whole month writing this morning when Jen called at 9 and was here by 9:15 writing. It just made me so happy when she laid her head down on her keyboard. I wasn't alone!
AND my husband and kids baked me a cake, and got a card, and roses and a huge balloon that plays "Celebrate", like by Kool and the Gang, when you bop it; even before I hit 50,000 words. I'm so lucky. Yes, the house is a mess, and I'm way behind at work.
But so what. I wrote a novel.
In November.
Yeay us!

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